The content of DOG Training Weekly is largely decided by you.

Some of the main contributors are of course the judges without whom the whole magazine would not be possible.

But there are other regular contributors who you may or may not notice. Not everybody can write a piece once a month let alone once a week, so the content does vary quite a bit.


And then there are the pictures. We are very lucky in that there are some fantastic photographers out there amongst you are happy to share their pictures. The Digital edition of DTW has its own challenges, on the one hand some of you look at it on Mobile Phones, some of you use Tablets, and of course some of you use full size PCs. Creating a magazine that works across all of those platforms is part of the fun.



Well these can be quite challenge, and it is probably easier to create these for Obedience than HTM.

Ideally we want to see all of the handler and all of the dog. You can cut the judges and stewards heads off (not literally) they won’t mind. A short video of a round, or even the presentation ceremony would be nice..

If you can take them, these can be on your mobile phone, we can tell you how to get them to us and then we can publish them for you. Alternatively if you can get them on to YouTube, just send us the link and we can use that.